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Rustic Meets Elegance

Christmas Table Setting

This year be an elf and do it yourself! We have put together some of our favorite pieces to achieve the look in the photo above. We love the balance between a rustic yet elegant look that this table scape portrays! With a touch of DIY this look can be yours! See below to shop the look and steps to create the center piece arrangement and napkin holder.

Center Piece

For our center piece we paired gold bird figurines as well as glass blown wrapped presents to bring a warmth to the table after we paired it with a metal rustic plant arrangement. We loved the Christmas arrangement gifted by our favorite landscape designer Bridget Skinner!

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Place Setting

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Napkin Holiday Wrap

To make our festive napkin holiday wrap you only need a few simple supplies!

1. Your favorite cloth napkin

2. Twine

3. Cinnamon Sticks

4. Small pieces of garland


1. Fold or roll the cloth napkin

2. Place piece of fresh garland in center

3. Place cinnamon stick on top

4. Tie twine and wrap around as many times you like

5. Ta-Da!

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