Orange County Register: Pantone's Color(s) of 2016 Raise Eyebrows

“What’s interesting this year is that it’s considered a controversial choice,” said Newport designer Anne Michaelsen Yahn. It’s not the colors themselves that are irking people but deciding on those two particular colors, Yahn said. “The response has been very mixed. People are saying, ‘These look like boy’s room/girl’s room.’” Perhaps many aren’t quite ready for Pantone’s “gender fluidity” theory.

By Paul Hodgins

Compared with previous years – racy Tigerlily (2004), sumptuous Blue Iris (2008), hot-pink Honeysuckle (2011) – the 2016 Pantone choices seem, well, a tad timid. But Yahn thinks they make sense when considering the current anxious state of the world and the high level of geopolitical uncertainty.

Pantone “is tapping into the general level of angst in the universe” she said. “All the colors that are popular right now, including Pantone’s two choices, are intended to calm the personal space and provide a soothing contrast to the chaos of the outside world. People want their homes to be a sanctuary, and these colors help provide that feeling.”  To Continue reading the article please click here.