Orange County Register: Living Outside the Box by Blurring Lines Between Indoors, Outdoors

By Paul Hodgins/Staff Writter

“I did my first home about five years ago with folding doors that completely recessed into a wall. That was for a living room on a Balboa Island home opening out onto the channel. The footprint of the lot is small but by using that wall and choosing the right outdoor décor, I was able to create the feeling that the living room extended right out to the edge of the yard.” The effect is particularly dramatic on small homes such as the Balboa residence, she said.

“Since my first project I haven’t had a home without some sort of” large glass doors or moveable window walls. “I’ve been involved in 10 to 15 large residential projects, major remodels, and a significant purpose of the remodel is to reorient the house toward the outside, the view and the yard, and to get doors that open wide enough to make the effect dramatic.”


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